"You may live."

This is basically what you'll be deciding in this game.
You are the chief doctor of a field hospital during a war. People are hurt, people need help, and you lack of bed and ressources to help them all.
You'll have to make decisions about who will live and who will be abandonned to their fates.

This game is a management game where you must handle the few beds and money you have.

You must hold on until the supplying arrive.

On PC, you only need your mouse, so put that keyboard away!

We hope you will enjoy yourself

Some baguette friends <3


When we playtested the game, this is the phrase that we heard the more :

"I don't understand what each choice means"

The players didn't notice that he had a limited number of bed to attribute, what was the general goal and what was the consequences of their act. I think it is due to the lack of feedback and to the "administration window" that was hidden on the right side of the screen. Plus, as a narrative game, the consequences aren't that important so we lost the aim of the design.

Plus we wanted to make the money very important for the player but the fact that the ressource is hidden made player just speedrun the game clicking randomly on each button.

I think the concept wasn't so bad, like the money that would hide the face of people was a good idea but the lack of consequences to action and the fact that the game moralize the player sometimes are the biggest defaults.


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is Frank Lawrence a reference to this character in "Lucifer?"

It's been a really long time so I'm not sure but It might be the case since I loved this character x)

same, that's why i had to ask

I love the concept of the game. It gives me kinda of a Paper Please feeling. I like games like these were it is your morals coming to play/ It may have been short but I do believe you would make a full and longer game with this! Keep up the good work!


This was a very revealing game. It is more than management when it becomes about morality and who you are willing to take. It feels more as though a test of your character. Despite the pixelated style (which I really enjoy) of the game, it feels very genuine and real. Although the war was not specified, it puts you in that deep mindset of both saving life and unavoidable failure. I genuinely love what this game stands for. It has great music paired with such a short experience. For me, this game had a low emotional impact, sparking provoking thoughts. This was a wonderful experience on my part. I wish you the best on your team's future developments!

Thanks you so much for playing! I'm so glad someone enjoy YML that much. We plan to continue working on the game for some time, adding more character, scenario, consequences... 

Thanks again