A downloadable game for Windows

DEATH LIVE is the most violent sport show broadcasted in the entire galaxy !

Brace yourself because our champions will conquer even the gravity laws to please you until they die in spectacular ways !

Will you have the guts, the courage, the audacity of seizing the "G.U.N" and to challenge yourself with mortal dangers to, maybe,  obtain glory and fortune?

Death is inevitable, we make it glorious !

Death live is a rail shooter game designed to be played on arcade.

The objective is simple : Just - Kill - Everything. You'll have two weapons to do so : A main weapon that you can charge to be more powerful, and a mighty gravity orb that will incapacitate and damage most of your opponents.

To play on PC you just have to use your mouse and 'R' key, have fun :)

Death Live is a student game made in 8 months by 7 people. This is our last project at the ETPA Game Design School. Don't forget to check the other team members down below !

The Pangoblin Game Studio team :

DEZF : Here ;

Splatter Head : Here ;

Sakapatate : Here ;

Alexandre Magisson : Here ;

Gael Torosani : Here ;

AnlaXix : Here ;

Sacha Y : Here.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/PangoblinS

Link to the others ETPA Gameshttps://etpa.itch.io/

Install instructions

  • Download the files
  • Unzip
  • Launch DeathLive.exe
  • Have fun


Death Live 1.0.2.zip 705 MB


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Hi! I love this game, but I have an older PC which makes this game stutter for me. :'(

Any way to turn down the resolution or the HD textures a notch?

i5-2500K @3.3GHZ, GTX970

Keep up the good work guys!

Hey there,

It's been a long time but I think you must do CTRL+Shift+V to activate the debug mod and then you have to press B. But I must warn you, this is very ugly :)

Dude what?!! This is amazing! Are you working on anything else like this?

Great work guys, Will feature this on my YT Channel :)

Great game. It was a lot of fun. Loved the retro arcade vibes. Would like some new challenges/arenas or a part 2.

I had some technical difficulties on my end, but this wont stop me from finishing this game! From what i played was very cool and i love it

Thank you for playing, sorry for the problems, it seems like you found the debugs inputs. We'll make a patch :D


Done, we fixed it, thank you for showing this to us

cant wait to play more ;) 

Really cool and fast pace game! Remind me of time crossed where you only have move the ccrosshair shooting things. Sadly I couldn't get the number 1 spot lol great job

Thank you soooooo much for playing, it was really fun to watch :D Still GG for the second place ;)

no problem idk if you did with a team or by your self but it was fun keep up the good work

It has been made by 7 peoples, the link are in the description :D